Burbot soup and Tămâioasa Românească ─ aromatic combination

Original Finnish fish soup is one of the traditional and appreciated seasonal dish during late winter. Although the burbot soup hasn’t ostentatious presentation the aromas of soup is delicate and taste is soft. Burbot’s liver and roe are special delicacies that highlights the taste experinece. Not to speak the aromatic taste and combination of Tămâioasă Românească, that is Romanian grape variety with a tradition of over 2000 years.

Burbot is as a foodstuff that is pale red, fleshy, light, tasteful and nearly bonefree.. Roe (yellow) and liver (left down below) are special delicacies

Burbot soup:
-burbot, about 1 kilo
-500 potatoes
-3 small onions
-Jamaica pepper
-2 laurel leaf
for thickening
-2 dl milk
-1 spoonful of wheat flour
-fresh dill

Peel potatoes and onions, cut up, put them into the kettle with laurel leafs, add water just to top the potatoes. Cook them gently. Add after 30 minutes pieces of burbot, skim the foam away and and peppers. Thicken the soup with mixture of cold milk and flour. Add nearly at the end burbotäs liver and roe. Season with salt, chadd of chive, dill and knob of butter.
Traditional burbot soup’s taste has soft, nuanced and down-to-earth aromas. Gentle taste get its taste through ripe potatoes and onions and some green colour via chive. Tămâioasa Românească and burbot soup makes together a balanced and tasty combination with their traditional backgroud. 

Glass of wine:
Tămâioasa Românească. Romania, Northern Dobrogea, Sarica Niculitel vineyard, Vinuri De Măcin (Alcovin).
Yellow, floral aromas and lightly sweet (9 g/l), aromatics, delicate, flowery, acid (6,3 g/l), herbal, fresh taste.

Text and photo (foodstuff): Heikki Remes
Photo (burbot soup): Eeva Remes

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