Sometimes you need to settle down and have your own time. One of the best ways to clear thoughts and let your imagination fly is to sit down on gozy easy chair, open a good book and have a glass of challenging wine in your hand! Jack London’s absorbing book The Call of the Wild with Kenwood Vineyard’s Merlot from Jack London Ranch makes an irressistible pair with whom time loses its meaning!

Kenwood Wineyards produces awarded Jack London Merlot -wines from the grapes coming from vineyards in historic Jack London Ranch. The name of ranch dates back to American iconic writer Jack London who lived on this area over one hudred years ago. Since 1976 Kenwood Vineyards has been the sole producer of wines coming from the famous Jack London Ranch. Vineyards are in Glen Ellen in Sonoma Valley where the vines grow on deep dark and rich soil. Vines in the Jack London Vineyard exploits the big fluctuation with temperatures between day and night. During the day temperatures gets very high and in the evening breezes and cold air helps the grapes rest and aschieve structure and aromatic flavours. The idea of the winemakers is to have high quality, fully ripe, balanced grapes. They let the grapes speak for themselves in the wines.

Glass of wine:
Kenwood Vineyards Jack London Merlot. United States, California, Sonoma Valley 2014. Not available in Finland.
Deep coloured red, aromas of plum and cherry, fullbodied, with elements of spice, chocolate, coffee, rich and intense.

Photos and text: Heikki Remes

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