Night predators

Fishing with trident is a very old way of catching fish. It gives an unique opportunity for the one who is seeking for nature, experience and tradition. One gets so close to the ultimate feeling and excitement about fishing when the rowboat is gliding at night on the surface of the lake and you are squeezing trident tightly in your hand. With trident prey and predator are on equal position and the one who is quicker wins.
The lake at night plays the part of stage, where the boat surrounded by fog is floating with fishermen seeking for fish with the trident.

Lantern, rowboat, and trident are needed for spearfishing at nighttime.

Dark evening when the sun has gone down is the proper time to let your nighttime fishing begin.

Torch fishing is catching a fish at night. The rowboat moves forward slowly on shallow water. The fish is located with bright light and then caught with trident. Dark, smooth and cloudy autumn weather is the best time for torch fishing. Pike, bream and perch are typical fish for sticking.
Quickness is crucial when fishing with trident. After sticking the fish is held awhile towards the ground. After a while the catch can be picked up just like pike with the true fisherman on the photo.

Text and picture of tools: Heikki Remes
Photos: Mikko Niemi
Fishermen: Rasmus Palsgård, Janne Suomi, Raimo Vinni
Film crew: Mikko Niemi, Heikki Remes, Seppo Vinni
Place: Central of Finland, Juankoski, Muuruvesi, Navasjoki 

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