Vicarage Lane in Kuopio – far from New Zealand, still at home

People living in Kuopio area, in the Central of Finland, know how true is the saying ”Far is a long way to go”. However a small group of wine aficionados were lucky enough when having the rewarding opportunity to have two outstanding viticulturists and winepersons as their guest from New Zealand. So they avoid the long trip to travel instead of meeting Satu Lappalainen and John Kennard in the Community College in Kuopio. Satu and John, who are owners of Vicarage Lane winery, were on vacation in the Kuopio area and were willing to share their time and information to satify the endless thirst of wineknowledge of the winepeople in Sawo!

John Kennard and Satu Lappalainen are true Finnish people. Satu was born and having her childhood in Keitele and John was visiting Finland for the first time in 1985 as a codriver in Rally of Thousand Lakes. Now their ”post” during the vacation in Finland is in Keitele where Satu’s mother takes good care of them. While the wineyards are in dormancy in Marlborough Satu and John can have in Finland freeleisure for resting and for their hobbies and friends.

True winepeople in informative, profound, relaxed, informal and tasty winetasting in Metsä (forest) class in the Community College of Kuopio. The evening with Satu Lappalainen and John Kennard was a dream come true for the winepeople. On the the top of the head were Satu’s and John’s narration about winebusiness in New Zealand, viticulture and vinification in Vicarage Lane. And all the time participants had their questions and inquiries so that the evening and room was full of vindicated energy. Not to mention The Wines and their tidbits!

Vicarage Lane wines with the tidbits on the plate; Crustads with Lappi Enchantment from Kalalappi, Stuffed olives covered with Vintage Cheddar and Real Cheddar with spruce buds from Jukolan Juusto, pintxos and tapas like Huevo relleno de atún, Caballa piquillo pimiento, Pimiento relleno de ensaladilla rusa from Espanjan Herkut and Homemade chicken pie a’la Eeva Remes.

Vicarage Lane / glass on wine:
Vicarage Lane Bubbly Brut. New Zealand 2021. Sauvignon Blanc. Alko 928587. Price 15,48.
Vicarage Lane Sauvignon Blanc. New Zealand, Marlborough 2021. Alko 527747. Price 13,38. Vegan.
Vicarage Lane Canterbury Riesling. New Zealand, Canterbury 2019. Alko 935897. Price 14,79.
Vicarage Lane Canterbury Pinot Noir Rosé. New Zealand, Canterbury 2018. Alko 902398. Price 14,68.
Vicarage Lane Pinot Noir. New Zealand, Canterbury 2019. Alko 941727. Price 17,70.

Text and photos: Heikki Remes

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