Alsace wines, 1 + 1 = 3, definitely so

Alsace white wines are generally considered as one of the best whites in the wold, and not without reason! Wineafficionadas in Kuopio area had unique opportunity to test that statement through two different winetastings nearly simultaneously. During daytime taking part to Alsace Millésimes Digitasting 2023 and in the same evening participating Gustave Lorentz winemaker’s dinner in Isä Camillo -restaurant.

CIVA, Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins d'Alsace, launched their new, different kind ”fysidigital” Millésime ALSACE Digitasting first time in 2021. This year second event was taken place on 28.2─1.3.2023 all around the wineworld. This time there were 74 exhibitors presenting totally 296 different wines, which were bottled in small 3 cl Alsace, miniflute shaped glassbottles. More than 33,000 miniature bottles were packed in 8300 boxes, and these pre-ordered wineboxes were delivered to winepeople around the world. Through these miniflutes one can dive deeper, taste and discuss about the wines and their nuances with the winemakers on line! This year 2850 wine professionals globally took part the event.
This kind of special and innovative winetasting makes it possible to ”visit” many wineries and meet winemakers during the same day, focusing and concentrating the essence towards wines from home!

Winepeople in Kuopio had inspiring opportunity to have first-hand knowledge about Alsace wines when participating Gustave Lorentz winemaker’s dinner. The event was taking place in Isä Camillo restaurant, matching certain Gustave Lorentz wines with restaurant’s special menu. Winemaster and storyteller was Pascal Schielé, export manager of Gustave Lorentz. Pascal took his audience by telling in depth about the wines as well as Alsace wineareas, also discussing with people in different tables!
   Pascal Schielé crystallized that one of the most important strenght of Alsace wines comes from terroir. Terroir can be seen as the unique enviroments of the grapes. There are five factors around the concept of terroir; historical, soil composition, exposure to the sun, level of rainshower and skill of winemakers, how you grow your grapes, maintenance the vineyard and how hard you work in your vineyard.

Text and photo: Heikki Remes
Photo Pascal Schielé Petri Kangasperko

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