Travel agents tasting traveling wines

Marinternational Oy in Finland arranged a meeting just before Christmas time for travel agencies around Metropolitan area in Finland to spend a Friday evening together. This time wines from Europe and other continents traveled to Helsinki to give their greetings to the participants.

Pongrácz Rosé from South-Africa wanted to start the evening. This enchanting dry sparkling wine showed its elegance from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir’s small colorful touch and aromas of black berry fruits. Really good start and organoleptic complexity was just great.

White wines followed and showed their best. Dr. Bürklin-Wolf’s Wachenheimer Gerümpel P.C. gave the true impression of Riesling grape from Germany. One could taste the minerality and strong acidity as well as the light sweetness that is familiar to Riesling, although the wine was dry. Lugana Riserva Sergio Zenato revealed how good Italian whites from Veneto can be! Trebbiano di Lugana gave the primary aromas of fruits and flowers, and it was fulfilled by secondary aromas of vanilla from oak.

 Although it is nearly Midwinter Lancers Rosé from Portugal wanted to show itself. Its bright red color reminded about elf during Christmas time and its fresh and semidry taste announced the matchup with light food like salads and smoked fish.

The red wines really had something to say. Castillo Ygay Gran Reserva Especial from Spain had waited over 24 years to meet the audience. This Riojan red wine was typical to its roots, the aromas were so complex and had many layers. Naturally time had put its fingerprints to wine, it gave a lot to think about restoring the wine, but this Ygay was still drinkable. Vina Tabali Talinay Pinot Noir was so eager that it couldn’t wait for next year to be released. Talinay had captured the pure natural taste from the untamed coast of Limari from Northern Chile. Its color was darker that normal Pinot Noir’s, but fruity, mineral aromas revealed what you had in your glass. Great potential. William Hill Estate Cabernet Sauvignon acted like one would wait from boss, because Gabernet Sauvignon in the king on red grapes. Californian wine was so deep red, intensive, full of blackcurrant and with elegant tannins.

Last but not least were two dessert wines. Vendance Tardive Cuveé Sainte Catherine from Alsace in France is very rarely seen in Finland but it insisted to join the meeting. And this Pfaffenheim’s bright yellow honey nectar took the audience. Sweetness and aromas of the wine were so overwhelming that they stayed on a palate for a long time. The Tawny from Portugal was not just any port wine. The amber colored fortified wine had aromas like orange and almond and taste was so fruity and long. The tawny just loved to be served with nuts and dried fruits. 

Winetasting is a place where wines are on a spot and discussion is advisable.

Text: Heikki Remes
Photos: Maija ja Eeva Remes

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