Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2017

• The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards were founded in 1995 by Edouard Cointreau.
• Every year, they honour the best food and wine books, rewarding now all food and drinks content, in print or digital, paid or free, private or public, trade publishers or self published, big or small, with an equal chance for everyone.
• There is no comparable international cultural event in the world, except the Olympics. They are inspired by the Olympic spirit. The Gourmand Awards have also been compared to the “Oscars” for film.
• Following trends: Food Culture is now taken very seriously by most governments and individuals. Food is at the heart of the issues of our future, collectively and individually. Trends in Food and Drinks culture are now global, everywhere in the world, which this list of finalists makes very clear.

• In 2017, books from 215 countries and regions participate in these prestigious awards, the only international competition of the sector. There are 100 categories for Food, 30 for Drinks.
In total, there are 1372 entries now finalist, 1144 for food, and 228 for drinks.
• There are three Finnish books participating Gourmand World Cookbook Awards. So there are 3 finalists among 1372 others, namely:

Finland - Essi Avellan Champagne (Asselvino), in French wine category with 7 others

Finland - Makumatka, Heikki & Eeva Remes (Media Wallius), Drinks Education, with 8 others
Finland - Makumatka, Heikki & Eeva Remes (Media Wallius), Photography, with 2 others

• The Best in the World will be announced in Yantai, China at the Gourmand Awards annual event May 25─28, 2018. The top 3 in each category will have the right to Best in the World.


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