Living in the countryside is – rewarding, sustainable, tasty and trendy also

Springtime in Finland is the time when people living with nature can enjoy sustainable food material and make food that expresses pure aromas from nature. Mild seasoning and balanced wines make perfect matchups.
Pike-pearch, nettles, false morel, asparagus are first natural food ingredients that can be exploited during spring time.
Pike-pearch filee fried on a pan, poached egg and glass of Riesling make perfect meal.
Soup made out of false morels, white bread and a glass on Garnacha Blanca is unparalleled combination, that has its unforgettable taste when you enjoy the dish first time in every spring.
Green asparagus, pencil thin and newly cut, has its own fresh aromas. It needs only to stay a while on a pan and then be enjoyed.

Text and photos: Heikki Remes

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