In front of the delicacies – Millésimes Alsace Digitasting

There are winetastings, digitastings and then true winedigitastings. Millésimes Alsace Digitasting 2021 offers something worth to wait and taste.
CIVA, Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins d'Alsace, developed winefair where fysical, digital and personal wineworld is united. There are 100 exhibitors to be discovered, and using the interface one can book appointments and meet the winemakers via online-tastings. A real wine fair takes place on 7.6 ─ 9.6.2021, you can select the wineries that interest you personally!
Each winery have made their own samplebox about the wines they want to express. Through these pre-ordered wineboxes one can dive deeper, taste and discuss about the wines and their nuances with the winemakers.
There are 100 wineproducers from Alsace who will introduce four (4) of their wines. Wines that they have selected and were bottled in small 3 cl Alsace shaped glassbottles. And there are at least 3500 wineprofessionals waiting for that wines will reveal the real essence of the grapes and their aromas. Photo with some winegrovers and their wines.

Text and photos: Heikki Remes

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