Midnight Sun Festival in Muuruvesi

Kuopio region showed its summery and flashy features when 50 foreign professionals in Traveling and Cultural business visited Muuruvesi area just before Midsummer Eve. The visit was organised with ERG and Four Seasons Derby, in order to promote Kuopio region as traveling region. Actual execution was carried by different small companies and indivitual persons from Muuruvesi. The overall idea was to built and offer Midsummer Eve event with its all Finnish traditions to visitors.

Enthusiastic group started their trip and adventure to Muuruvesi by Queen R MS. On the boat they had brief info about the coming event. There were also time to enjoy about the scenery when traveling by hedlands and bays.

On the boat travellers got also glipse to know how of Finnish wines and drinks. Through short tasting they were familiarized with wines, berrywines and gin, like Vicarage Lane Bubbly, Vicarage Lane Riesling, Rouge de Carsin, Alahovin Riistamusta and Gustav Metsä Gin Lignell&Piispanen.

When entering Muuruvesi harbour there were a welcoming seremony for the group with spruce sprout drink and crepes with smoked perch along with Villa Conchi Rosé Cava Brut. Afterwards travellers had on short walk to organic farming estate, local stone church, village shop ”Little Tracktors Shop” and village house. Then was time to navigate to Wilderness Kitchen in Agricultural College.

Accordian music is nearly must in Finnish summer festivals in Midsummer Eve, and so it was played when guests arrived to Wilderness Kitchen.

Entrepreneur Jari Korhonen and his family had made and decorated for the foreign customers filling and appetizing menu, mainly made of local incredients like vegetables, herbs, fish and berries. Everything were set like buffet, so one could taste with out any rush different kinds of delicasies like
-smoothie with Finnish curdled milk and herbs
-green salads, young potateos
-marinated seasonal vegetables
-cream with oninons
-rye bread, flat bread made of barleycorn
-butter, spread of egg and butter
-tureen/patee made of pike
-seasonal herring
-salt-cured raw white fish/powan
-marinated smoked vendance
-smoked salmon

The interior was decorated with fresh and green colors that went hand in hand with the setting.
Wines were picked to match with food, so on the table there were light and stronger white wine, rosé and low alcoholic Mojito appetizer, like Villa Conchi Rosé Cava, Brut Le Petit Rose, Muscadet Sèvre et Maine Sur Lie La Sancive, Koskenkorva Mojito, Arinto Chardonnay LAB Reserva, Riesling Schlumberger Les Princes Abbes, Alahovi Kuohuvainen Juhlajuoma.

Bonfire, Sauna and Campfire are essential when Finnish people are celebrating Midsummer. Also Finnish barbeque sausage intended for grilling and regional beer and cider are necessities when having a summer feast. 
Sauna with bath whisk is so Finnish combination in summer time. Unfortunately this year during Midsummer time bonfire couln’t be set on fire because of forest fire warning.

Luckily in stead the sunset was spectacular this year when the day was turning.

As a dessert and farewell gift a creamy gateau with fresh local strawberries was carried to the table with coffee, tea and non-alcoholic, sparkling Alahovi Kuohuvainen Juhlajuoma. 

With greetings   

Text and photos: Heikki Remes, wineman from Västinniemi
Photo (strawberrycake): Jari Korhonen
Photo (sunset): Mikko Niemi

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