Exceptional times need tranquillity as a counterbalance

Life intrinsically is a survivor, what ever happes. So when having difficulties upfront, naturally one has to react, but sometimes right thing is to rest. During weekend it would be rewarding just to sit down open-air. For instace make luch for the weekend in traditional way. In Finland people sit down over the campfire and make warm smoked salmon. This gives opportunity for a small group come together, dabble, sense the nature around and the aromas of salmon being smoked.

Warm smoked salmon is traditionally nailed with wooden stick to the wooden plank. It is common and delicious combination that oaked Chardonnay is selected for the smoked salmon.
One of the small activities is to move, turn and keep the plank at the poper distance from the fire, so that salmon it cooked but not burned. At the final stage one of the culinary delights is to taste, by taking a bit of the salmon with your figers of knife, that salmon is ready, soft matured and smoky.

When smoking is completed salmon has yellow, slightly burned surface, delaminated essence, inside juicy and luscious.

Castillo de Molina Reserva Chardonnay. Chile, Casablanca Valley 2023. Alko 576107. Price 12,48. Vegan..
Straw-colored, aromas of exotic fruits and dry, acidic, vanilla, and currant notes, creamy and long taste.

Text and photos: Heikki Remes

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