Wine o’clock -tasting with teachers

Life is continuing learning, that teachers in Savo Vocational Collage digested in Kuopio, when having a special tasting after their training study. After a hard days week it was relaxing to turn off with wines and tidpits.
Teachers on the other side of the school desk than normally, intently focused on tidpits and wines.

Before the real tasting some basics were brushed up; like grapes, evaluation of wines, mach-ups with food and wines.

As well as meanings of wines in different situations; sustainability, organic, biodynamic, ethical, natural wine, vegan

As a tidpits there were scroll of cold smoked salmon on rye bread, coca de trampo, smoked meet, potato balls, Amarone on glass and plate, chocolate mousse.

Glass of wines:
Rocky Porkkanakakku Glögi. Finland. Alko. Price 10,49.
Red, carrot cake notes, taste vanilla, Christmas spicies.

Saltkis Suolakaramelli Shotti. Finland, Lignell-Piispanen. Alko 265697. Price 15,50.
Amber-brown. toffee notes, taste sweet, salty, butterscotch caramel.

Passi Reali Organic Chardonnay. Italy, Abruzzo. Alko 589608. Price 29,98/2L. Organic, vegan.
Straw-yellow, pineapple notes, taste dry, acidic, citrus and firmly oak.

Nanit Orange Wine. Spain, Kastilia-La Mancha 2022. Macabeo. Alko 925376. Price 13,90. Organic, vegan.
Orange, flowery notes, taste dry, acidic, minerally, nuanced.

Jacob’s Creek Le Petit Rosé. Australia, S-E Australia 2019. Pinot Noir,Grenache,Mataro. Alko 428627. Price 11,99.
Pink, raspberry notes, taste dry, acidic, redcurrant, citrus and mineral.

Graffigna Centario Malbec. Argentiina, Mendoza 2021. Alko 950851. Hinta 13,09.
Dark red, plum notes, taste full-bodied, dark cherry, spicy, luscious and jammy.

Tommasi Amarone della Valpolicella Classico. Italy, Valpolicella 2019. Alko 446477. Price 45,48.
Dark red, date notes, taste medium-bodied, cranberry, sour cherry, herbal and developed. Sugar 4 g/l.

Kopke Late Bottled Vintage Port. Portugal, Douro 2016. Alko 355787. Price 28,98.
Dark red, fig notes, taste sweet (100g/l), cherry jam notes, light herb notes, blackberry notes, pepper notes.

Teksti ja kuvat: Heikki Remes

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